Welcome to The UX Coach Podcast, a show all about careers in digital design.

The idea for this podcast was born from my experiences as both a practitioner in the world of digital design and as a mentor & coach through the User Experience Professionals Association.

The landscape has been changing for designers entering the commercial world of digital. Roles are becoming specialist as we move out of the UX Design era. With this change new problems have arisen for many and company structures are finding it hard to adapt to the needs of the talent they employ.

Each episode we’ll be speaking to a member of the design community to hear about their career path, the challenges they’ve faced and the decisions of focusing on being a practitioner, leader or manager.

In this first series, we’re going to be exploring the mid-weight rut, a space we all find ourselves in at point in our career.

Andy Parker

Andy is a Digital Transformation and Design Consultant from the UK.

His consultancy We Are AFK, provides coaching and design services to organisations that want to become user-centred.

He is a registered mentor with the UXPA, and a certified teacher/trainer, on the board of advisors for Digital Media at East Sussex college where he teaches interaction design and UX design skills.