The UX Coach Podcast episodes

  • Make your work fit around your life (EP. 04)

    In this episode Iā€™m in conversation with Hugo Jenkins, owner of The 25th Company, a user experience and product design consultancy from Melbourne Australia. Hugo and his wife also run […]

  • Can you teach yourself UX design? (EP. 03)

    In this episode Iā€™m in conversation with Varun Murugesan ā€” a lead user researcher for Best Buy. We talk about teaching yourself UX, how to create your debut portfolio and getting that all important first job.

  • Is anything really new anymore? (EP. 02)

    In this episode I am in conversation with Tom Kerwin, Product Design Lead at Qubit, a personalisation platform where Tom has recently begun developing a UX research team.

  • What makes a good lead user researcher? (EP. 01)

    You made it!šŸ˜šŸ˜ This is our debut episode and boy have we learnt a lot already. Not as easy as you think stitching this together you know. In this episode […]

  • Season 1 trailer

    Our first episode, say waaaaaaah! Here’s a trailer for season one, our real debut episode is coming soon via all your favourite services including iTunes, Stitcher and Spotify.