Great reads from March 2019

This month we saw the launch of the podcast! And with that technical woes! Hey, it’s a learning period right folks?

There’s now 3 episodes out there for your to enjoy, and give us feedback on., or all the places you get your feeds from. And if you’d like to share your story of your career and inspire others like the 100s of people who’ve already listened so far, please get in touch.

Here’s some reading I’ve enjoyed in March that I think you’ll like too.

On the early web people with disabilities found communities

If you haven’t realised, the web is 30 years old. Gizmodo spoke to Erin Lauridsen about how the web defined and created her social network as a blind user and the frustrations that today, accessibility is worse than the 90s. There are a lot of lessons to be had here and take heed – your flashy react site is probably not cutting it with everyone out there.

Round and round we go

Great post from Zoe on the go, reflecting on the frustrations born from communicating agile through diagrams which unfortunately lead left to right and can be misunderstood as agile being a linear process for delivering products when in reality it goes 1 step forward 2 back and everything in-between.

Communicating user research learnings is a storytelling exercise

Raya Raycheva writes thoroughly on the importance of leaving things out when you’re reporting back your research findings. Something I am sure we could all benefit from time to time.

How we turn research into actionable insights

Eva Petrova shares how the team at Co-Op digital in the UK have been leveraging some concepts made famous by IDEO for turning insights to action. Excellent article, one of the team will be featured on a future show, stay tuned for that one!

Working late, responsibly

Why do we stay late at work? Are we really gaining anything by doing it? Is working less – more? (yes, always yes). A golden oldie from Dan Carley, I feel like I have this discussion with people far too often.

How to explain agile and scrum to your grandpa in 5mins

The building a house analogy comes into play here with this perfect breakdown of how to explain agile and scrum delivery in the simplest of terms.

Upgraded eyeballs

This is an incredible account from Anne Gibson who recently had LASIK surgery and reflects on what it means to acquire, or lose a disability and the acknowledgement that glasses are an accessibility device.

Design Titles

This is just… wow… just wow. Give it a whirl, it will keep you entertained whilst you think about how to colour up the language in that CV you’re starting to write.